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The Invisalign system is a relatively new alternative to braces in which a series of clear, computer-designed plastic aligners are worn by the patient.

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It is a small device, weighing only a few ounces, which oscillates at a frequency that allows the roots to move through the bone faster. Patients bite into a mouthpiece for 20-30 minutes per day while the device is vibrating. This is done through the course of treatment and may reduce treatment time by 30%-50%.

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Traditional Braces

Treatment embedded in tradition is often a proven way to achieve desired results. Patients have the option to choose new colors at each visit that best embody the season, holiday, or favorite sports team.

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Ceramic Braces

Using the same technique as traditional braces, ceramic braces may be a more esthetic way to accomplish the same goals.

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Custom Retainers

Retainers are the way patients maintain their new smile and bite. We offer several types of retainers. Our doctors will recommend which retainers they feel best preserve your results.

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