Custom Retainers

Congratulations! You earned the smile you deserve.

The goal now is to keep your teeth straight. This is done by wearing a retainer. Remember, your retainer is the only way to keep your teeth in the correct position. Good news – we offer several varieties of retainers to best suit your needs.  Examples include bonded lingual (“permanent”) retainers, Hawley retainers with custom colors and logos, and clear retainers.

Your doctor will provide retainer wear instructions that are individualized to your needs.  You’ll receive a retainer case so please store your retainer in this case when you’re not wearing it.  It will reduce the risk of breaking it or losing it.

Contemporary evidence and research have demonstrated that retention requires a lifetime commitment. Teeth have a tendency to shift and rotate as we age. This same pattern has been documented among individuals whom never had orthodontic treatment.  Therefore, this underscores the importance of lifetime retention to safeguard all the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Your routine retainer appointments will typically conclude about 2 years after you finish active orthodontic treatment, but you should continue wearing retainers per your orthodontists’ instructions.

Be sure to bring all your retainers to each appointment so that we can check to see if it is still fitting correctly.

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